Master Key Week 7



This week one of our assignments was to obtain a compass. This working compass was found online(Amazon). I, especially, loved the the inspirational words on the back!

I have been wearing this compass often. Otherwise, it lies on my desk. When I walk by my desk, I look at it, touch it, often turning it over to view the other side. When looking upon it, I ask myself if I am following my compass (heart) or the clock (the direction that the world without would have me follow).

If it feels that I am following the clock (which feels icky or stressed), I can quickly redirect my thoughts and actions to follow my Compass. A feeling of light and exciting energy springs up inside!

Once upon a time, I was working on my pilots license. I love aviation, and the feeling of freedom that I would feel when guiding the plane (with a compass) to the location of my desire. After using the compass pictured above this week and having felt the great energy that resulted, I am thinking that maybe…I don’t need a plane to fly!


Master Key Week 6

November first was my 57th birthday!  I was so excited to wake up and open GS to see that Og’s scroll II was on LOVE!  I think this will be my theme for this year to come.  I have added to my DMP that I rise from my bed each morning with ease, excitement and love in my heart!

Og talks about no matter what people think of you,  “my love will melt all hearts liken to the sun whose rays  soften the coldest clay”.  This reminded me of a time when my own son was seven and we went shopping for a Christmas gift for my father. The store was very busy. The sales clerk that was helping us had a scowl on her face and looked very stressed. There was no eye contact from her as she completed her tasks.  My young son stood much lower than she and had been watching her from below.   Suddenly, he piped up and asked the sales clerk “Do you enjoy your job?” Sounding very grown up.  She looked up from the counter with a look of surprise and after a hesitation replied “Yes…I guess I do”.  After a moment of thought she asked him “Well, do you like what you do?”.  My son smiled and answered “Well, yes!”  The clerk thought a second and asked “Well, what do you do?”.    “Mostly…I play!” he replied with a big smile as if that was his job.   He managed to bring her back into the moment and put a smile on her face with his questions. Her countenance brightened and within minutes all the other sales clerks were laughing while they worked.  It was interesting to watch this encounter and how a child could by showing interest in someone could transform their day.

On another occasion, I was in a class on personality types. There was an exercise where we had to walk up to strangers and talk to them. It was a good experience. Next, we had to find someone that we did not know and think a good thought about them before introducing ourselves to them.  It made a huge difference in the energy of the interaction!  I must remember to practice this more often.

As an introvert, I need to practice more consistently “good thoughts” prior to interactions until this is a habit.  My son had faith that there was something good in the sales clerk mentioned, previously.  He managed to get her to focus on that goodness and make a difference if only for a few moments. As adults, we often forget that there is goodness (God) in everyone especially when the world seems a little crazy at times.

I want to be part of helping others focus on the good so I will “greet each day with love in my heart”.

Master Key Week 5

Once I had a great yogi teacher,  Sri Goswami Kriyananda.  Kriya yoga is science of the mind.  He passed a couple years ago at the age of 86.  He was disciplined, jolly and full of love.  I miss his sweet spirit everyday.  Our MKE task of no opinions reminded me of him.

Goswami would say “do not give an opinion even if someone asks“, “only if they ask two or three times and you feel they are sincere and then still try not to give it”.  He said that when people say things that we may perceive as crazy, to try to be detached and not have an opinion and as a response to practice saying “that’s interesting” which allows them to feel heard without feeling judged. “People are doing the best that they can until they know to do better, the problem is that some people are not ready to learn, yet”.  Almost every week, he would say “try to serve others and life itself, serve without interfering”.  I realized that people have to learn their own lessons and that the best way that I can help is to love them.

Sometimes, people really just want you to listen and are hoping your opinion will reinforce their thoughts and may get angry if they do not.  As said in the Bible, “judge not lest ye be judged”.  So, I practiced that a lot and had become pretty good at following this advise.

I guess, I needed one final lesson to lock this in for me.  When I heard Mark J’s voice on the call asking us to practice holding opinions for two weeks in preparation of what was to come, I was willing, but felt a twinge.  I think that twinge was a sign of a lesson on the way.

That week, a situation came up with a friend who was making questionable decisions after a heartbreak of his own. He was making decisions that were hurting him and his family.  It is so hard to watch people you care about bring on their own suffering.  I cracked.  I interfered and gave an opinion in as kind and gentle a way as I could. He had asked me so many times, but it was not what he wanted to hear.  Wrong move!  I ended up being devastated at how my trying to help was turned around and feelings of people that I loved and wouldn’t hurt in a million years, were hurt.  I deeply, apologized, continue to love and all is restored.  My friend is suffering because he is having to learn his own lessons.  I love and am allowing him to learn.

This was an intense lesson  that I will never forget for me to lock in “no opinion” and I always keep my promises.  Once you let go of having to have an opinion, I find that  it is actually quite freeing.

Master Key Week 4

Haanel states that one of the strongest affirmations that we can use for the purpose of strengthening the will and realizing your power to accomplish is “I can be what I will to be”.   My first thought was…what a powerful statement.  Then, My thoughts turned to my seven year old grandson.  I desire to begin to instill this thought in him  now.  I want him to have the confidence, freedom and joy of knowing this in his heart.

Next, my thoughts turned to myself.  What about me? Am I a living example of this principle for others?  There have, definitely, been times in my life where I was determined, productive and achieved much.  The last few years, I have let the distractions in the world without direct my thoughts and actions.  I have lost direction to a large degree, therefore, not been the example that I really want for my grandson.  I know that I always want to be loving, kind, giving, honest, etc.  I have lost the direction of how to use my gifts (and what they are) to influence the world without to be a better place.  I lost passion.

There is so much wonderful and inspiring information in this course that it is hard to take it all in so quickly.  I can tell that the constant and persistent bombardment of my mind with all of these principles is at work.  As I sit each day and ask myself “What do I want…What really brings me joy?”,  bits and pieces of answers are trickling in !  More to come!

Master Key Week Three

I am seeing great benefit in these little note card chores.  As I have mentioned, before, I had a period of being sick with a couple months of being very sick.  I had to let go and realize that I had no choice except to rest.  My body gave me no choice.  With a foggy brain, it became hard to even read.  As my energy increases, I am realizing that a part of me had actually given up, after a while.   It is like I am having to learn to be organized and disciplined all over again.

My first chore was cleaning and organizing my home office.  I had not been in there to work in months as it was such a mess. Anytime a family member didn’t know where something went, they threw it into my office on top of my pile of papers, books and things that needed to be organized.   It took two days to complete the chore.  It was amazing! What a weight lifted!  There was a feeling of freedom and…confidence?  In the big scheme of things, cleaning an office may not be that big of a deal, but it is interesting to experience how completing a chore that you promised to do ignites a flame of confidence that you can complete the next one.  I can hardly wait to see how great I feel when I finish this weeks chore…organizing my closets!

Today, I begin a new life full of kept promises!

Week 2 of Master Key Experience


Week two has been more of a challenge for me than my busy week one.  It was the busyness from a friends death and the wedding of one of my daughters at my home that lead me to the challenges that I have faced this week with my mind and body being in a state of ” paying the price” for last weeks demands.  Both experiences were precious to me and I am so thankful to have experienced each.

The problem for me is that just a few months ago, I began to have strange and painful symptoms.  I physically crashed. I was diagnosed with mixed connective tissue disease and chronic Lyme.  My holistic doctor asked me to close my business of 17 years ( I am a nurse and had a micropigmentation business in a dermatology office) to heal while my odds are better.  I thought that sounded quite boring.  He said that it wouldn’t have to be forever, but to give it at least 6 months.  I fasted for 7 days, began my regimen of supplements, rest, very clean eating and IV therapies.   My doctor reminded me that I once put the autoimmune illness in total remission for about 10 years with a very clean diet so if I would be really serious, I could do it again before it was too late.

This week I have experienced fatigue, achyness, with increased brain fog and memory issues that made it difficult to concentrate  and connect as I would have liked.

Although, all of this sounds a little sad,  I must say every time I read my assignments, I am filled with hope and excitement. I can hardly wait to see what I will learn next!

I am working with the Universal Mind and ” the mysterious source that never sleeps”.  With a BIG smile on my face, I promise to manifest true health and I always keep my promises!


My First Week of Masterkey Experience

It has been my experience that the first week or two of any new course can be a little overwhelming until you become familiar with the layout and requirements of the program.  This has been no exception, especially, since I have never blogged before and am generally not super tech savvy.  To top it off, I had an unexpected funeral during the first video meeting and I have a daughter getting married at my house, tomorrow! It has been a very busy week!

I wondered if he frequency of the reading requirements would be a little tricky to establish; however, the reading is quite inspiring.  I found that when I began the readings that I became quickly immersed.  The principles are so inspiring that I look forward to the next reading.  I do not believe that it is possible for me to do these readings, as instructed, without feeling inspired, energized, more positive and inspired.  I love the resulting state of feeling and that alone is enough to spur me to continue. I am already experiencing how each repetition of of the material brings forth a little deeper understanding and more of a sense that the principles are becoming more deeply planted into my thought processes.  I feel that I can already see benefits in the first week!

If I can harness a greater percentage of my brain power by training my subconscious mind to support my conscious mind, then reaching my goals such as improved health and figuring out what I want to do with the rest of my life should be a cinch.  Feeling benefits within this first week gives me great excitement about what progress can be made in 6 months.  I am looking forward to week 2!